About LevantaPark

LevantaPark is a specialist designer, manufacturer and distributor of parking solutions for practically any kind of environment. We offer a wide range of products, from a simple unit that can double the capacity of a single parking place, to the most complex and elaborate automatic parking systems, featuring unlimited capacity, modularity, and complete automation.

We’re not simply suppliers of quality vehicle parking lifts. We are also expert vehicle parking consultants, who can work with you to advise you on the ideal parking solutions for your situation.

Whether you’re a property developer, builder, architect, or private buyer, LevantaPark’s tailored consultancy and design service can help you resolve most parking problems.
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Australian distributors of leading car parking lift brands

LevantaPark is the Australian distributor for a wide range of leading European vehicle lift manufacturers. We supply, install, and support car parking lifts from brands including OMER Parking Systems, Swiss Park, ParkPiu, Borel, and more.

We’re passionate about creating parking systems to a consistently high standard. Our team use their decades of experience to create innovative solutions to your vehicle parking and car storage challenges.

With a focus on customer service and support, LevantaPark creates easy-to-use parking solutions that are completely safe for both people and vehicles.

Smart vehicle parking solutions for every environment

Thanks to our close working relationship with our manufacturers, LevantaPark is completely equipped to satisfy the Australian market’s requirements for parking lifts.

From vehicle lifting platforms (with capacities from 500kgs up to 52 tonnes) to the complete range of parking systems (double car parking systems, multi-level vehicle parking platforms, and fully automated systems), we can design the right vehicle storage for your requirements.

LevantaPark’s top-of-the-range automatic parking systems are an incredible innovation. They can turn practically any area, even the most narrow space, into a valuable parking place – and they couldn’t be simpler to use.

The car is driven into the entry platform and several controls and safety checks are made. The robot system then – completely automatically – takes the platform from the entry and deposits it into an assigned storage space, quickly and easily.

With our comprehensive range that includes turntables and lifts that can handle both cars and goods, LevantaPark have the solutions you’re looking for – whatever your vehicle parking needs.

Vehicle lift and car stacker servicing

Rapid, efficient car lift servicing from an experienced supplier

LevantaPark offers quality servicing and maintenance for all our car stackers, vehicle lifts, semi-automatic car parking systems, and automatic car parking systems.

We understand your need to have your vehicle lifts operational at all times – so we’ll do our utmost to respond quickly to your service request.

Across our Australia-wide network of warehouses and offices, we stock a large array of spare parts for the brands of car lifts and hoists we stock. This enables us to efficiently respond to your vehicle lift servicing requirements.

Of course, our experienced in-house technicians perform all car lift servicing and maintenance to meet Australian Standards.

In fact, we’re so confident of the quality of our service offering that we offer you an extended warranty on new vehicle lifts purchased from LevantaPark, that are serviced and maintained with our service packages.

Quality servicing packages for car park stackers and vehicle lifts

The best way to ensure that your car park stackers and vehicle lifts stay fully operational and meet all health and safety requirements, is with a service package contract.

LevantaPark offer vehicle lift servicing packages ranging from 3 to 5 year terms. We can tailor your service package to suit the number of lifts, the models, and your location.

With highly trained, experienced technicians in every Australian state, our service packages provide the quality repairs, maintenance and servicing you need, fast and efficiently.

For more information about LevantaPark’s car lift service packages, contact our team on 1300 993 548 or fill out the contact form to the right.

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