Automatic car parking systems

Custom designed for your building project


Automatic Technology Park is a parking system that offers you high intensity vehicle storage over a range of different applications. The system allows for the automatic parking of cars and other vehicles in a parking area either above ground, below ground, or a combination of both.

LevantaPark works with building designers, architects, and traffic consultants to design the best possible solution for each project, to deliver maximum Return On Investment. This may be influenced by cycle times, the available space, the depth of carpark pit required, or simply the total number of spaces.


Automatic Technology Park can work for as few as 8 or 9 vehicles, up to as many as 1,000 vehicles over several levels.

LevantaPark takes into consideration aspects such as differing vehicle height allocation, vehicles suitable for accessible spaces, or long term vehicle storage for the ultimate sports cars.

The whole parking structure works as an integral part of the building design, and can be installed either within a concrete structure or in steel framework. Installation in the concrete structure provides greater assistance in the engineering and overall structural integrity of the building.

Our designs are customised for each project and custom built to the exact site requirements.

Contact LevantaPark for a customised automatic parking solution to suit your project’s requirements.

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Liftpark automatic parking system

The Liftpark is an automatic parking system that moves cars via an integral lift trolley (or ILT). It’s suitable for medium sized (up to 80 parking spaces) public and private parking garages.

Pallet Park automatic parking system

Particularly useful for narrow sites, Pallet Park is suitable for small to medium sized car parks (8-40 parking spaces). Commonly used for private car parks, it can also be used in public environments.

Shuttle Park automatic parking system

Using an integral lift trolley (or ILT), Shuttle Park is suitable for both public and private car parking of medium to large size – right up to 1,000 car spaces with multiple modules.

Traslopark automatic parking system

Moving cars via an integral lift trolley (or ILT), Traslopark is suitable for both public and private car parking of medium to large size – from 80 cars right up to 1,000 cars with multiple modules.

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