Pallet Park automatic parking system

The ideal solution for narrow sites

Pallet Park is an automatic parking system that’s particularly useful for narrow sites. Suitable for small to medium sized car parks (8-40 parking spaces), it’s commonly used for private car parks, but can also be used in public environments.

Pallet Park can be installed either underground or above ground, with an access area either above or below the entry floor.

How the Pallet Park system works

Cars are parked on pallets which are then transported around the parking system. The pallet with the car on board moves to either a travelator or onto a shuttle at each level, and then onto a lift system where it’s transported to the entry/exit room.

The driver can then enter their car and drive out of the parking lot, while the system automatically returns the empty pallet to a free space.

The parking procedure is the same as the process above, in reverse.

The pallet system can handle a maximum car width of 2,500mm and length of 5,400mm. Uniquely, the Pallet Park system moves vehicles sideways – a crucial design feature that makes it suitable for narrow sites.


Smart use of space with Pallet Park

To optimise your available space, with Pallet Park cars can be parked in a single bay (single row) or in a double or triple bay.

Note that incorporating double or triple parking bays does increase parking and retrieval times; however with our smart design techniques LevantaPark will work to ensure the fastest possible system design for your site.

Pallet Park’s platforms are fully galvanised and built using quality components, ensuring the system has a long service life. Parking bays with electric chargers can also be incorporated.

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