Shuttle Park automatic parking system

Smart parking for up to 1,000 vehicles

Shuttle Park is an automatic parking system that moves cars via an integral lift trolley (or ILT). It’s suitable for both public and private car parking of medium to large size – right up to 1,000 car spaces with multiple modules.

Shuttle Park can be installed either underground or above ground, with an access area either above or below the entry floor.

How the Shuttle Park system works

Shuttle Park cleverly uses one or more dedicated shuttles at each floor, which only move horizontally. This configuration provides faster cycle times compared to other automated parking systems.

Cars are parked on fixed galvanised steel plinths anchored onto concrete floors, which help to add structural building integrity. The ILT picks up the car and then moves onto the shuttle which is positioned in front of the parking space.

The shuttle than moves horizontally to in front of the elevator, and the car moves from the shuttle to the elevator. The elevator goes up to the entry & exit room, where the driver enters their car and leaves the parking lot.

The parking procedure is the same as the process above, in reverse.


Smart design features help reduce cycle times

Shuttle Park’s elevator and shuttle are independent elements that can perform separate functions, a clever piece of design that greatly reduces cycle times.

While the elevator is transporting a car, the shuttles can independently pick up or park cars at various floors.

The entry/exit room can be located either conventionally inside the building, or externally with a retractable roof that provides a flat outer surface when closed.

Additional options for your Shuttle Park

By incorporating an additional revolving elevator tower, the entry and exit room can be dramatically reduced in size – while still delivering cars facing outwards, ready to leave.

To optimise your available space, cars can be parked in single bay (single row) or in a double or triple bay, optimising available space.

Note that incorporating double or triple parking bays does increase parking and retrieval times; however with our smart design techniques LevantaPark will work to ensure the fastest possible system design for your site.

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