Max 3 semi-automatic car parking system

This semi-automatic three level parking system uses a pit to provide horizontal parking on all levels. Suitable for high headroom vehicles, Max 3 offers you the maximum possible number of parking places available in a small area.

The system comes equipped with sliding doors (either automatic or manual).

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Quick Specifications

• Independent car parking system requiring a pit
• Horizontal access to the entrance level
• Accommodates car heights up to 200cm and car lengths up to 520cm (with 500cm as standard)
• Usable platform width up to 270 cm (with 230 cm as standard)
• Loading capacity of 2,000kg per parking place (as standard), with optional 2,600kg capacity per parking place
• Available with manual or electrically operated steel sliding doors (other materials available on request)
• Optional remote control


For a higher ceiling max. Vehicle height for the upper platform increases accordingly up to the maximum height level.

MAX 3 - 175 MAX 3 - 200 
Height345cmHeight405 cm
Car Height (upper)150 (VAN/SUV)Car Height (upper)175 (VAN/SUV)
Car Height (middle)170 (VAN/SUV)Car Height (middle)200 (VAN/SUV)
Car Height (lower)150 (VAN/SUV)Car Height (lower)175 (VAN/SUV)

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