Smart solutions for vehicle parking and car storage

Smart solutions for vehicle parking and car storage

Smart solutions for vehicle parking and car storage

Our Vision Statement

We enable our customers to become efficient, reliable and profitable by providing quality design services underpinned by a high-end and diverse product range.

Thanks to undersupply of car parks, Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne now feature in the top 10 most expensive cities to park worldwide – and parking prices increase by as much as 10% every year.

Now, LevantaPark have the solution.

Our innovative parking stackers transform one parking space into two – or even three – vehicle spaces.

Quality parking systems, car parking lifts and car parking stackers

LevantaPark specialises in the design, project management, manufacture and installation of a wide range of parking lift systems. Our experienced parking consultants can advise you on the right parking lift for your particular needs.

Our clients include architects, property developers, builders, renovators, car enthusiasts, and people who simply see the value in multiplying their available car spaces.

The right parking solution for every space

LevantaPark’s vehicle parking consultants can deliver many ways to make the most of your extremely limited space. Our innovative parking systems can transform practically any unused or difficult-to-access space into safe, efficient, and practical vehicle parking.

In commercial buildings, residential towers and private homes, our consultants have helped our clients install more parking spaces in such areas as roof tops, basement floors, disused garages, courtyards, cellars, and many more areas.

So whether you need to increase your parking capacity in an existing building, or improve your ROI on a new property development, LevantaPark has the smart parking solutions you’re looking for.


Ground-breaking products and project delivery

Innovative products are the culmination of years of market product understanding and project delivery.


Marketing leading education engagement

Car parking spaces and areas are created by people who understand solutions that are developed to minimise space and maximise project return.


Design, delivery and experience combined

We work with our clients from the concept stage through to design, engineering, construction and commissioning, to ensure a satisfying experience at every stage.

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