Car lifts and parking elevators

With the space available for inner city development sites becoming ever more limited, car lifts can be the difference between your project being viable or not.

Installing a car lift can eliminate the need for ramps in your multi-storey building design, reducing the amount of wasted space devoted to them. Car lifts allow you to easily access the basement or upper levels of the building using the least amount of space – freeing up more floor area for use as car parking.

And because they make more car parks available using fewer levels of the building, car lifts are now the preferred option to reduce construction and development costs.

What’s more, they’re easy for members of the public to use with no specialist training, and come complete with built-in safety features to ensure users’ wellbeing.

A variety of additional options are available including:

  • Automatic doors
  • High speed doors
  • Fire rated doors
  • Allowing a person to travel on board, or not
  • Enclosed cabins

LevantaPark can assist you with consultancy, specification, design and build services for your building project. Our experienced car parking consultants can offer bespoke car lift solutions to suit a wide range of challenges.

To discuss a customised car lift solution for your building design, call LevantaPark on 1300 993 548 or fill out the contact form here.


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Rex PF

The Rex PF lifting platform uses a single pantograph lifting system (scissor lift) to serve up to 3.5 metres, with a capacity up to 3 tonnes. Rex PF is a strong, very versatile car parking lift that can accommodate vehicles with heavy engines and extremely long wheel bases, thanks to its platform’s capability of extending to 5,600mm.

Rex Gold

The versatile Rex Gold car parking lift uses a pantograph lifting system (scissor lift) to serve up to 4.10 metres, with a capacity up to 4 tonnes. With two moving legs, it lifts the platform in a symmetrical way, allowing you to use Rex Gold as a goods lift without the need to distribute the weight evenly over the whole platform. A roof version is also available where protection from external weather conditions is required.


Need a car parking lift that can also transport people on board? Totalrex offers you an extremely secure and reliable vehicle parking solution. With control panels placed on top of the platform, absolute safety and reliability – both for people and the car on board – are guaranteed.

Move 30N

The Move 30N car parking lift operates with a two column system, with the columns placed on opposite sides along the longer edges of the platform. While Move 30N must be attached to walls on either side, it doesn’t impose the same loads as the Move 30L. Serving up to 16 metres, Move 30N doubles as both a car parking lift and a goods lift.

Move 30L

The high quality Move 30L car parking lift, while similar to the Move 30N, differs in that its lifting columns are both placed on one of the two longer platform sides. This clever arrangement allows the whole area of the Move 30L platform to be used. Another major advantage of the Move 30L is the way it can be installed into existing buildings without the need of major building works.


Totalmove is the top of the LevantaPark range, delivering outstanding performance both as a car parking lift and a goods lift. Incorporating all the benefits of the rest of our range, it’s capable of carrying great capacities (up to 3 tonnes) to a great height (up to 16 metres). What’s more, Totalmove can carry a person on board the vehicle in complete safety.