Car stackers

Multiply your building design’s parking spaces

As an architect, building designer or developer, you’re probably very familiar with the challenge of incorporating sufficient car parking spaces into a new building design.

Car stackers are an increasingly popular way of multiplying available car spaces in commercial and residential developments. They’re a user-friendly, very safe and reliable solution for doubling or even tripling the number of cars that can park in a single conventional car space.

How car stackers can improve property values and project ROI

Car stackers can be an excellent way to future-proof any new property development. Commercial tenancies with more car parking space will tend to be valued higher; and local councils will always have requirements around parking in residential developments.

What’s more, car stackers can be a more cost-effective solution for increasing parking space than simply excavating deeper and deeper underground to provide enough space for ramps, spaces and aisles. They’re also surprisingly straightforward to install, and won’t cost as much as a conventional car park development.

Australian distributor of OMER car parking stackers

LevantaPark have an exclusive arrangement with OMER Italy to distribute their range of car stackers to architects, building owners, and developers throughout Australia.

OMER have been manufacturing car stackers since 1979, becoming renowned for producing the highest quality, safest systems available. They’re highly reliable and designed to operate for extended periods without maintenance.

In OMER’s 40 year history, not once – not once! – have they been asked to replace a faulty car stacker due to a manufacturing issue. That enviable track record is underpinned by a 10 year warranty on OMER stackers. Terms and conditions do apply, so contact LevantaPark for more details.

LevantaPark can provide you with REVIT and ArchiCAD files for all OMER systems we supply. Download them now from the individual system pages.
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Dependent car stackers without a pit

One of the most straightforward ways to multiply your building’s available parking spaces, dependent car stackers are very safe and simple for end users to operate.

Dependent stackers don’t need a pit – the first vehicle is parked on the platform and then lifted up, allowing another vehicle to be parked underneath. Parking space is doubled – or even tripled – without any excavation work.

Another advantage of dependent stackers is that, with no need for a pit, they can usually also be installed in an existing building without problems.

See the LevantaPark range of dependent car stackers here

Independent car stackers using a pit

If your building design or situation needs a parking system designed around separate users, independent stackers offer an alternative solution. 

Because they’re designed around a pit, they allow either vehicle to be moved without disturbing the other car. This feature makes them ideal for stacking cars in a residential building garage where tenants have a single parking space each.

See the LevantaPark range of independent car stackers here

Talk to us to find out how car stackers could work for your design

LevantaPark’s team of experienced car parking consultants can work with you to deliver you and your client the best ROI for your building’s specific requirements.

To find out how car parking stackers could work with your building design, call LevantaPark on 1300 993 548 or contact us online.

Car stacker FAQs

Where are the car stackers made?

LevantaPark’s car stackers are manufactured by OMER in Italy. 

How long does it take to manufacture a car stacker?

Typically, our manufacturing process takes about ten weeks to construct your car stacker.

Will a car stacker accommodate any kind of car?

Our car stackers easily accommodate most typical cars including sedans, four wheel drives, SUVs and hatchbacks.

Can different cars be parked in the same space?

Most, but not all. Stackers do have height, length and weight limitations and even the distance of the wheels on a car can impact whether a car can safely use a stacker.

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