SanPark Outdoor Car Stacking and Parking System

A cutting-edge, multi-level outdoor vehicle arrangement system

SanPark’s Sublift Car Stacking System is a multi-level car stacking system which is designed for outdoor applications. Making use of a pit, the Sublift system is discrete and blends into the outdoor surroundings.

Quick Specifications

• Hot dip galvanized platforms.
• Catwalks easy to walk on for driving platforms.
• Synchronization system when there is more than 1 system linked to each other.• Audible and illuminated warning system.
• Locked key - switch with emergency stop in dead’s man’s control.• Production possibility for special requirements; more lifting capacity or wider platforms etc.
• 3000kg lifting capacity per car.


   SubLift MONO  SubLift DUO 
Platform LengthL1520 cm520 cm520 cm520 cm520 cm520 cm
Platform WidthW1240 cm240 cm240 cm480 cm480 cm480 cm
Pit LengthL540 cm540 cm540 cm540 cm540 cm540 cm
Pit WidthW290 cm290 cm290 cm530 cm530 cm530 cm
Pit LengthH2250 cm450 cm600 cm250 cm450 cm650 cm
Platform Entry DistanceH170 cm170 cm170 cm170 cm170 cm170 cm
Upper Limit HeightH1200 cm380 cm550 cm200 cm380 cm550 cm
Lifting Capacity / Vehicle2000 Kg2000 Kg2000 Kg2000 Kg2000 Kg2000 Kg
Vehicle Wait Time Max.35 s35 x 2 s35 x 3 s40 s40 x 2 s40 x 3 s
Power4 Kw / 3 Phase4 Kw / 3 Phase5,5 Kw / 3 Phase4 Kw / 3 Phase5,5 Kw / 3 Phase7,5 Kw / 3 Phase

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