Car stackers requiring a pit

Advanced independent stack parking systems


Need to safely and securely park two cars in a space that previously held only one? These versatile and robust stacked parking systems – which use a pit to operate – could help solve your parking problems.

Thanks to their ingenious pit design, these car stackers allow either vehicle to be moved without disturbing the other car. They’re ideal for stacking cars in a residential garage.

If your site cannot incorporate a pit, LevantaPark’s range of dependent car stackers are an alternative.

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The innovative Spacer makes use of a pit to easily remove a car parked on the bottom platform, without disturbing the car on the upper platform. An outstandingly robust system, Spacer can accommodate a car weighing up to 2.5 tonnes on each platform.

Double Spacer

Every bit as versatile and robust as its little brother, Double Spacer can manage up to four cars at one time. The system uses a pit to allow easy removal of cars on the lower platform, without moving the vehicles parked on the upper platform.


The Duplo range of underground parking places allow two vehicles to be parked in a space that would usually fit only one. While one vehicle is parked in the pit on the lower platform, another can be parked on the roof when the Duplo is submerged. The roof can blend in with the surrounding area, leaving the lower car safely and discretely parked.