Car stackers without a pit

Our popular range of dependent car stackers


LevantaPark’s range of car stackers that don’t need a pit are designed to be the simple, user-friendly way to multiply your available parking space.

If you’d prefer a car stacker that allows completely independent parking, LevantaPark offers a range of stackers that use a pit as an alternative solution.

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The ever-popular Bipark is the simple, very user-friendly way to double your parking space. A compact double stacker system, Bipark lifts cars smoothly and quickly into position – and doesn’t need a pit to operate.

The first vehicle is simply parked on the platform and lifted up to a height of 2.05 metres, allowing another vehicle to be parked underneath.

Different optional heights are available.


Need to park three vehicles in a spot previously dedicated to one? Tripark from LevantaPark is the answer.

Though it’s part of our ‘double stackers’ range, it’s more appropriate to call Tripark a ‘parking multiplier’ thanks to its ability to triple your available space.

The versatile Tripark system is compact, easy to install, and can lift vehicles weighing up to 2.5 tonnes on each platform.