LevantaPARK Car Lift Sectional Doors

Stylish and versatile sectional door

The smart way to save space and energy
Compact sectional doors set new benchmarks for flexibility, space efficiency and architectural aesthetics in your doorways. Utilising proven reliability through smart design, compact sectional doors will operate for years with minimal maintenance, and look smart enough to enhance any building.

Custom-made industrial doors
The compact sectional door is different from a traditional roller shutter or overhead door. It folds together above the entrance while opening and saves not only space, but is also very easy to operate and is maintenance friendly. 

Production process
Compact sectional doors are manufactured in a modern factory where the automated production processes guarantee constant high quality and meet European standards and regulations. When the doors are ready from production they are packed for transport after a final visual inspection, to ensure all doors are delivered complete and undamaged.

To complement a high quality product, it’s important to work with skilled specialists in the field of installation and service. 

Unique folding system
The compact sectional door has a unique and patented rail system without the use of balancing springs. This guarantees a long life cycle and minimum maintenance.

Material panels
Insulated sandwich panels are CFC-free polystyrene foam covered with aluminium stucco finished cladding. Aluminium U-profiles on top and bottom of the sandwich panels for extra strength and stability.

Wide range of standard colours
Compact sectional doors are available in 10 standard RAL colours, with other RAL colours possible.

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Quick Specifications

DescriptionLevantaPARK Sectional Doors
Minimum Opening Width175mm
Minimum Opening Height350mm
Minimum Door Clearance (Door Track + Motor)4500mm


LevantaPark’s range of sectional doors come in a range of different styles, in both singular and double sized garage options. With a max height of 3 meters, our doors can be made to suit garages both small and large.

Available in a range of colours to match your dwelling, LevantaPark’s sectional doors put the finishing yet secure touch on any facade

Speed (cm/sec) ¹19 cm/sec19 cm/sec19 cm/sec19 cm/sec15 cm/sec
Voltage (volt)1 x 230 V3 x 400 V3 x 400 V3 x 400 V3 x 400 V
Power (ampere)6,5 A2,8 A3,3 A3,4 A3,4 A
Power (kilowatt)0,75 kW0,75 kW1,1 kW1,3 kW1,3 kW
Frequency (hertz)50 Hz50 Hz50 Hz50 Hz50 Hz
Plug (neutral not necessary)2- pin, 16A5- pin, 16A5- pin, 16A5- pin, 16A5- pin, 16A
Potential free contact44444
Duration (%) ²25%60%60%60%60%
Cycles open/close per hour12x20x20x20x20x
Protection class ³IP54IP54IP54IP54IP54
Max. weight doorblade (kilogram)155 Kg190 Kg275 Kg389 Kg455 Kg

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