Liftpark automatic parking system

A fast and reliable solution

The Liftpark is an automatic parking system that moves cars via an integral lift trolley (or ILT). It’s suitable for medium sized (up to 80 parking spaces) public and private parking garages.

Liftpark uses a vertical lift which discharges directly onto a shuttle at each level. Cycle times tend to be shorter than with pallet models. Liftpark can be installed either underground or above ground, with an access area either above or below the parking system.

How the Liftpark system works

Cars are parked on a galvanised plinth anchored to concrete slabs. When retrieving a car, the ILT transfers the vehicle from the parking space to the shuttle. This moves horizontally to the elevator, which then moves up or down to the entry/exit room.

Once the vehicle is in the entry room and has been turned to an outward facing position, the driver can then enter their car and drive out of the parking lot.

The system is now ready for a new operation – because it incorporates an ILT, there’s no time delay needed for an empty pallet to be placed within the entry room.

The parking procedure is the same as the process above, in reverse.

Additional options for your Liftpark

To reduce the width or space required for the entry/exit room, the Liftpark auto parking system can be supplied with an optional turntable that rotates vehicles within the system. Contact LevantaPark for specific details for your project.

The entry/exit room can be located either conventionally inside the building, or externally with a retractable roof that provides a flat outer surface when closed.

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