LevantaPARK Practicatrio

Independent system with 3 levels

LevantaPark’s Practicatrio is a three-floor semi-automatic parking system and a new generation of parking lift for SUV and Sedan cars. With 2 floors above the ground section and one floor below the ground section. The upper and lower platforms move in an up-down direction while the middle platforms slide to both left and right directions to allow for the below ground level to rise.

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Quick Specifications

Platform Length5,200mm
Platform Width2,300mm
Pit Width7,500 - 27,000mm
Pit Depth1,800 - 2,200mm
Entrance Level Clearence Height1,600 - 2,100mm
Upper Plaftorm Height1,600 - 2,100mm
Entrance Ceiling Height350 - 4,500mm
Lifting Capacity2,000 - 2,500kg
Vehicle Call Time60sec
Motor4 kw / 3 Phase


Independent and new generation parking lift for SUV and Sedan cars. Upper and lower platforms move up-down direction while middle platforms smoothly slide to both left and right directions to clear upper platforms way or lower platforms way up. Usage indoor in every kind of parking area. Most efficient and correct solution for the busy and high rating car parks.

Capacity2,000 - 2,500 kg
Max Height2,100 mm
Entrance Height300 - 4,500 kg

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